About Rainey Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection, Earthing and Surge Protection Specialists

Rainey has been an established and prestigious name associated with the construction industry in Ireland since the early 20th century. The name still stands for quality and expertise. We are fully versed in many specialised aspects of the construction industry including Lightning Protection, Installation, Earthing, Building Restoration, Architectural Services and Stonework.

We are constantly expanding our services to ensure we can offer you unrivalled assistance in meeting clients needs. We offer a tailored and personal service in Lightning Protection, Earthing and Surge Protection from the very start of a project, allocating a specialised team that will carry out all requirements from an initial survey design and risk assessment through to installation, testing and production of AutoCad drawings and O & M Mannuals on completion.

We carry out projects to the latest standards IS EN 62305 and all its component parts to include for structural Lightning Protection and Surge Protection. As sole Irish agents for Helita Pulsar we also supply, install and certify ESE Pulsar units to NFC-17102.

Our History

Now in its tenth decade, Rainey & Company Ltd is proud to trace its roots back to 1913 when John Rainey established the original steeplejack practice in Belfast. Rainey's personalities and methods may have changed over the last 100 years but what remains is a responsibility to our legacy, to our original forward-thinking vision and our reputation. Now in the third generation the name still stands for quality and experience. Hugh Rainey already has over 15 years experience in the steeplejack and lightning protection trade working directly with his father Brian. Together they’ve designed, planned and implemented lightning protection systems nationwide and in the UK. Rainey & Co. Ltd. is a team of talented skilled professionals across a wide range of disciplines, united by a common passion for quality and excellence. Our team is composed of architects, engineers, technicians, administrators and support personnel, all of whom demonstrate the highest levels of competence and expertise to play their part as effectively as possible.